MRI Safety and Precautions

MRI Safety and Precautions

MRI carries a strong magnetic field used to create images of the insides of your body. These images are essential to diagnose and detect possible diseases. Despite its functionality, MRI machine can be dangerous if safety precautions are not followed around it. To protect yourself and your belongings, here are a few things you should keep in mind on your scan:

  • Metals are strictly NOT ALLOWED within the vicinity of the machine. The scanner is a large and very powerful magnet capable of dragging any metal objects near it. Avoid bringing zippers, clips, watches, eyeglasses, credit cards, jewelry, belts, etc. where the machine is located. Wearing of makeup is also prohibited.
  • Patients with the following are not permitted to get an MRI scan:
    • Tattoo/s
    • Permanent makeup
    • Heart pacemaker
    • Metallic fragments in the eyes or head
    • Surgical aneurysm clips
    • Metallic heart valves

Aside from them, one of the primary concerns of the patients in the scan is their fear of an enclosed space or commonly known as claustrophobia. At our MRI Section, we want to make sure our patients are comfortable enough to undergo the procedure despite their fear. Our technologists will assist you all the way to give you a positive patient experience in your scan.

After your procedure, you are expected to change back your clothes, grab your things, and go on to your usual activities for the day. If you feel any pain or unusual symptoms following the scan, please tell your technologist or physician immediately.

If you have other questions about MRI scan, reach us through (043) 778 4811 or visit us on the Ground Floor of the Main Hospital Building. Our staff are always available and are happy to address your concerns ensuring you have the best imaging care possible.