St. Cabrini Celebrates 21st Anniversary

July 15 marks our 21st year of service and commemorates the birthday of our founder, Dr. Nora A. Torres. This is also the birthdate of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants and hospital administrators and the Saint whom SFCMC was named after.
Back in 1998, Dr. Torres and her husband, Mr. Feliciano Torres, founded St. Cabrini Medical Center to cater to the medical needs of Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Corporation. However, the needs for a modern hospital and the pace of development of the CALABARZON region created a bigger demand and quickly expanded the client base for the hospital. From its initial census of 89-105 employees and 80 doctors, SFCMC now has 500 employees and 338 accredited doctors. Over the years, the number consistently increases as the hospital continues to improve its services to further provide an excellent patient experience.

There's so much to celebrate on this day, but it is the lives that we have saved and touched for the past years that we are most grateful for. We have made it this far and we'll continue to commit to our mission to provide quality health care that reaches every individual in the community.

Happy Anniversary, St. Cabrini!