HMO Online Approval

If for Laboratory / Diagnostic, Please attach a scanned copy of your doctor's request.

Please attach a scanned copy of your valid ID.

  • Advance HMO approval request is valid to face to face consultation, and all diagnostic services including PCR Test.
  • For consultation, kindly ensure to have a confirmed appointment before requesting an HMO approval.
  • HMO approved request is valid only 1-3 days from the approval date depending on the provider.
  • Consultation or requested tests must be done between the specified approved days.
  • Incomplete details will not be processed as it is needed in processing the approval.
  • For inquiries, you may call our HMO department at (043) 778-4811 loc. 110/149 or 09126230525.
  • Online approvals are received from 7am-4pm (Monday to Sunday) only. Requests that will be sent beyond the given time frame will be accommodated on the following day.