You might think your earwax is icky and gross, but it is actually very helpful in your overall health. So before you buy yourself a pack of cotton buds, put your money down first. You need earwax, and here’s why (plus more interesting facts):

  • Earwax protects your ears
    • Its main function is to provide a natural barrier to any bacteria or foreign objects that can potentially damage your ears. Earwax blocks off the ear canal, keeping it clean and away from harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Earwax is a natural lubricant
    • Producing earwax prevents your ears from getting dry and itchy. It acts as a lubricant to keep your ears moist, just like how tears work to moisten your eyes.
  • Cotton buds are not required to remove earwax
    • Removing earwax alone is not necessary. You are not supposed to put anything in your ear canal as they may push the earwax deeper into the canal, causing a potential damage to your ears.
      Earwax naturally dries up or flakes off on its own, so you may leave it alone.
  • Your earwax says things about you
    • Soft, orange, or yellow earwax is normal for children. In fact, it indicates a healthy earwax production. Adults tend to have harder and darker earwax. It means that there are more bacteria or dirt being trapped.
      If your earwax is dark brown and a bit reddish, it may indicate a bleeding injury. If it’s cloudy or runny, that can indicate an infection in the ear canal. If it’s black, it may be a sign of a serious problem. Consult your doctor for further diagnosis.
  • Too much earwax can become a problem
    • If your ears are producing too much earwax and are not self-cleaning fast enough to keep your ear canal clear, it may be a sign of a serious health problem. Too much earwax can create a blockage and cause discomfort or hearing loss.

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Source: Debrox , Cook Hearing