Discover Where It All Started

Our History

During the late 1990’s, Southern Tagalog had the most number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and with the then emerging industrialization in Batangas, Mr. Feliciano L. Torres, the owner and Chairman of the Board realized the need for a hospital to take care of the workers both overseas and those from the industrial companies in the region.

St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center was established in July 15, 1998, same day as the birthday of Dr. Nora A. Torres, the Senior Board of Director and spouse of the owner, Mr. Torres. The hospital was initially conceived to cater to the health care needs of the 7,500 employees of its affiliate company Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated and of the other industrial clientele in the vicinity. The need for a modern hospital and the pace of development of the CALABARZON region created a bigger demand and quickly expanded the client base for the medical center.

The hospital is located at the heart of the historical and scenic province of Batangas, conveniently along Maharlika Highway, the national road that connects a portion of Calamba and Batangas to the South Superhighway. It is one of the 35+ tertiary hospitals servicing the CALABARZON special region.

Initially, the 100-bed capacity was not always utilized to its fullest as it was newly-established. Over the years, the census has consistently increased and from the 89-105 employees, it is now close to 450. There were approximately 80 doctors in the first year and presently, it has 338 accredited doctors.