The Admitting section is responsible for processing your accommodation at St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, which aims to respond to the patient’s need in terms of providing convenient rooms and to make them feel better. You will need to bring the following:
  1. Physicians admission order slip
  2. Philhealth requirements
  3. Senior Citizen ID (for elderly patients)
During the processing of admission, the admitting personnel will explain and ask you to fill out and sign the following forms:
  • Admission Form – all personal information of the patient will be written on this form and will be entered to our hospital’s computer database
  • Confirmation of Responsibility – this form will be signed by the patient or relative that they fully understand their responsibility for the patient’s account
  • Consent for Hospital Care – the patient or relative will be asked to sign this form that they allow us to release information to insurance companies and/or patient’s employer
You may choose from the following room types:
  • Private
  • Semi-Private
  • Ward
If you have a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or Letter of Guarantee (LOG) from your HMO/Insurance or Accredited Company, kindly present it to the admitting personnel upon admission.

    The admitting personnel will explain the room categories and its amenities and the rules and regulations of the hospital.

    After the admitting papers are signed, admission kit and a patient ID bracelet will be given to you. For your safety, do not remove the patient ID bracelet. Our nurse will unfasten the bracelet during discharge.


    Our visiting hours are from 6:00AM to 9:00PM.
    • We only permit two (2) companion to stay with you overnight.
    • Only four (4) visitors per patient are allowed to visit at a time, to meet the healthcare needs of the patients or to protect the patient’s privacy needs
    • For children’s safety and security, we do not recommend children seven (7) years old and below to visit relatives and friends confined in the hospital.


    For patient relative and visitor who will bring their vehicle, parking guard on duty will give you parking ticket upon entry. This ticket will be validated by the nurse station before leaving the vicinity and will be submitted to guard on duty at the exit point of the parking area.
    • The management is not responsible for any damage to and loss of the vehicle or its accessories.
    • For lost ticket, the parker will be required to present the Original Certificate of Registration and Current Official receipt of their motor vehicle certificate.
    • The parker shall be held liable for any damage they may cause to the persons or any other property inside the parking area.
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