Executive Wellness Center


The Executive Wellness Center at SFCMC is a specialized healthcare facility designed to meet the unique wellness needs of executives, professionals, and individuals seeking comprehensive health assessments, and personalized preventive care. 

As a premier destination for executive wellness packages, the center offers a range of medical services, diagnostic tests, counseling, and wellness intervention tailored to promote health and performance for busy and high-achieving individuals.

Our patient coordinators collaborate with healthcare providers,specialists, and support staff to ensure seamless care coordination, timely results delivery, and integrated services aligned with individual health plans.

Choose from our variety of Executive Check-Up (ECU) packages with the following Value Added Services

•8-hour outpatient care
•No admission needed
•Free Breakfast & Lunch
•Free Parking
•Free ECU giveaway
•Committed Executive Wellness Coordinator
•Dedicated Executive Lounge
•Summary of Results Booklet
Operational Hours – Monday – Saturday (8 am to 4 pm) Mobile no. +63 977-842-2799
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